Businesses share their experiences of exporting

Welsh businesses and traders have recently taken part in video interviews with the National Assembly’s Outreach team.  Seven businesses took part in an interview, which asked business owners to give their views on the Welsh Government’s approach to promoting trade and inward investment, in particular:

– The barriers faced by potential exporters and how effective the support offered by the Welsh Government (and UK Government) is in reducing these barriers;

– The benefits of exporting; and

– Whether overseas markets have a good understanding of what Wales and Welsh businesses can offer.

The businesses interviewed covered a range of different industries (including manufacturing: Trax JH Limited, food and drink: Brecon Brewing and confectionery: Bon Bon Buddies), and came from different parts of Wales (including Ceredigion: Howies, Anglesey: Anglesey Sea Salt, and Llanelli: WeldWide Solutions). All but one of the businesses interviewed were currently exporting their produce, some of which had received support from Welsh Government to help them trade abroad, others had not.

Tom Vousden Design, a furniture design company from Anglesey, was the only business interviewed who did not currently export, and spoke of his desire to eventually do so, though he would like the Welsh Government to support him by helping him “identify partners in foreign markets”.

Each interview was then edited into a video package sorted by the main themes that came from these discussions, which were:

–          Support received from Welsh Government;

–          Current perceptions of a Welsh brand;

–          Benefits of international trade;

–          Barriers to international trade; and

–          Areas for improvement.

John Halle, Managing Director of Trax JH Limited said of the experience:

“I’m very glad to have the opportunity of talking about inward investment and Welsh Government…

What I would like to say to people who are looking to go into exports…the Welsh Government could try and bring more and more people with export experience, that have had the knocks, been there and done it…and actually use them to talk to people because they can give them examples in the real world of how it really is”.

The video package was shown to the Enterprise and Business Committee as part of their inquiry into trade and inward investment at a meeting in the Senedd.

You can watch the complete video here:

The Committee will now consider the findings of the video along with information received in writing, and meetings held with relevant organisations and businesses at the Senedd. The Committee will have the opportunity to question witnesses including the responsible Minister, policy experts and other representatives.

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