Chair’s Blog: Renting Homes (Wales) Bill

Christine Chapman in Committee

We are now more than half way through our evidence gathering. We began with a session with the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, as the Member in charge of the Bill, on 22 April. The following week, on 30 April, we heard from the Law Society, Welsh Tenants, the NUS Cymru and Let Down in Wales.

Last week, on 6 May, the Chartered Institute of Housing, Community Housing Cymru, the WLGA, Cymorth Cymru, Tai Pawb and the Residential Property Tribunal came along to our meeting to share their views on the Bill.

This week, we will be hearing from landlord and letting agent representatives, as well as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Citizens Advice Cymru and Shelter Cymru.

Our evidence gathering will conclude on 20 May, when we’ll hear from the Housing Law Practitioners Association, as well as the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty for the second time.

In addition to the oral evidence heard during our formal committee meetings, in coming to a view on the Bill we will also take into account the 41 responses received to the public consultation, and the range of views and comments that were expressed during the stakeholder event held back in March.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 14 May. You can watch it live on

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