How should the National Assembly for Wales be run in the 5th Assembly?

Senedd during Plenary showing AMs in their seats

Have you ever wondered why a Bill was scrutinised by a particular committee and not another? Do you think the number of AMs who sit on Assembly committees is appropriate? Does the way Assembly business is timetabled allow you to fully engage in the way you’d like?

The Business Committee is chaired by the Presiding Officer, and is made up of Assembly Members from each of the political groups represented in the Assembly.

After the Assembly election in May next year, the new Business Committee will need to take a number of key decisions, including:

  • The weekly timetable, sets out when committees can meet, when party groups can meet and which Ministers answer questions for each Plenary session in the Senedd Chamber.
  • The Business Committee also plays a procedural role and can recommend amending Standing Orders, which set out the rules and requirements for the way the Assembly conducts its Business, to change the practice and procedures of the Assembly. For example, in January 2013, Standing Orders were changed to shorten the deadlines for tabling questions to the First Minister and Welsh Ministers so as to allow Members to table more topical questions. A tracked version of the Standing Orders (PDF, 1.33MB) that have been changed during the Fourth Assembly is available on the Assembly’s website.
  • The Presiding Officer and Business Committee have also introduced procedural reforms since its establishment including regular Individual Member Debates and an opportunity for party leaders and party spokespeople to ask questions without notice during questions to Ministers.

The current committee has decided to launch a consultation to review what has been successful and what hasn’t over the past five years to help inform the decisions of the new committee. If you have any views on the above, and have any specific examples (good or bad) you would like to raise with us, we would love to hear from you. You can do this by e-mailing

If you would like to know more about the consultation, please visit the Business Committee’s legacy report consultation page. Here you will find the consultation’s terms of reference and information about how you can contribute. The consultation will close on Friday 13 November. Your comments will be considered by the Committee and will help form its legacy report.

How to find out more and get involved

3 thoughts on “How should the National Assembly for Wales be run in the 5th Assembly?

  1. The only ‘good’ thing that stands out is awarding yourselves a pay rise – good for you but not for the rest of us, I don’t see it as value for money. I have worked all my life and have only ever had 2 jobs that awarded annual pay rises, both of which were 1% and I would love to know where these jobs are that have a UK average wage of £27k.

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