Mohammad Asghar, AS/MS

Llyfr Coffa / Condolence Book

Rydym yn cofio ein annwyl gyfaill a chydweithiwr Mohammad Asghar neu ‘Oscar’, Aelod o’r Senedd dros Ddwyrain De Cymru, a fu farw ar Fehefin 16, 2020.

Os hoffech dalu teyrnged iddo eich hun, gallwch gyfrannu yma.

We fondly remember our friend and colleague Mohammad Asghar or ‘Oscar’, Member of the Senedd for South Wales East,  who sadly died on June 16, 2020.

If you would like to pay your own tribute to him please contribute here.

49 thoughts on “Mohammad Asghar, AS/MS

  1. Rest in peace, Cheeky Chops. Generous and warm-hearted, always the optimist, someone who always believed our instinct to get on should override the pressure to do the opposite. An amazing dad and husband – but an Uncle to everyone. Nos da

  2. It was always a pleasure to go to Public Accounts Committee and sit next to Oscar, as he was unfailingly warm and friendly. He made the Assembly a more welcoming place.
    I first sat on the Equalities Committee with him, where we usually agreed and voted against the liberal nonsense that was being put in front of us!
    A sensible social conservative and – more importantly – a decent guy.
    Gareth Bennett

  3. Oscar.
    A warm twinkly eyed man, always with a ready smile, a kiss to the cheek, the call for a chat.
    A broker of peace, a friend to Nations, a surmounter of barriers.
    A proud husband and dad, Firdaus and Natasha, his lodestars.
    A man of deep faith with the strongest belief in reconciliation.
    A torch bearer in every sense of the word.
    A friend. My friend
    Angela x

  4. I am a relatively new member of staff at the Senedd and I never knew Mr Asghar very well at all but I was touched by his kindness. Every time we passed in the corridor or in the canteen he would – without fail – smile warmly and wish me a “good morning” or a “good afternoon”. These little acts of kindness went a very long way with a ‘new girl’, finding her way in a new job. Mr Asghar struck me as a true gentleman and, as has been said by so many already, he will be very much missed. Cwsg mewn hedd. Rest in peace.
    Angharad Roche

  5. Such shocking and sad news of your passing Oscar. I will always remember your kind words for everybody and all the occasions you introduced me to your guests as you enjoyed hosting so many people at the Senedd. You were one of my class – the Class of 2007. My sincere sympathy to Firdaus and Natasha who you adored. Rest in Peace Oscar

  6. There are no words to describe the immeasurable impact that you have had on Welsh public life, Oscar. I’m very lucky to have been able to call you a supportive colleague and dear friend and I will particularly miss your sense of humour, compassion and kindness around the Senedd. My thoughts continue to be with your wife Firdaus and daughter Natasha at this difficult time.

  7. Rest in peace, Oscar. The Senedd won’t be the same without your friendship and kindness.

    My love and thoughts are very much with Firdaus, Natasha and loved ones.

    Jack Sargeant MS – Alyn and Deeside

    1. Shocked and deeply sadden when heared about the passing away of our long time great community friend Mohammad Asghar devoted to faith,family and friends.My thoughts and prayers very much with his Wife Firdous
      and daughter Natsha and loved ones at this difficult Allah we belong,to Allah we shall return.

  8. Oscar……you were a true gentleman who always had time for a greeting and a smile. You will be missed by all.
    Rest in peace,

  9. Oscar made history as the first member of the Senedd to come from a Black, asian and minority ethnic background. He was unfailingly warm and kind. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time.
    May he rest in peace.

  10. You are a loss to the Senedd and your Community Oscar. We will miss your warmth and sincerity. My sincere condolences to your family and friends.

  11. Wastad yn fonheddig a charedig byddwn yn colli dy wen a dy angerdd dros dy etholwyr. Always kind and caring we will miss your smile and your dedication to your constituents. My sincerest condolences to your family. Rest in peace Oscar. Cwsg mewn hedd.

  12. I was saddened and upset when I learned of Oscar’s passing . He was respected by all the people that worked with him. He was a great guy who had time for all of us at NAW and will be greatly missed by all. Colled enfawr Cwsg mewn hedd . RIP

  13. Dear Oscar
    You were the kindest and most generous of friends, always positive and always fun. I will remember your kindness, your love of Firdaus and Natasha, your commitment, your energy , your service. I remember trips to the rugby and campaigning at full throttle! You will be missed by many, many people. Your passing leaves us poorer but we are richer for having known you, dear friend.

  14. I know Mohammad Asghar less as a politician and more as a passionate volunteer in the community, who will not go an extra mile, but miles and miles for his tremendous love for the humanity & community cohesion. it was his way of life, and every day in his life. I have never seen him giving people false hope, used to keep his office doors open for everyone, and always stood up of his seat lock his office, and get the work done not only with his constituents but also with so many communities he passionately worked for more than a decade. I hope and pray his soul rest in peace, and my deepest condolences for the family.

  15. Roger(security)
    After ushering for 10 years ,Oscar always had time to pass the time of day whenever he saw you.Will be missed by all and thoughts go his family and many friends at this sad time.

  16. Was a pleasure to have known this gent for the last 13 years I have worked here . Always had time for a quick chat . Will be missed by many.

  17. Oscar,
    Your energy, passion and smile always brightened up the room. Your dedication to your role, and your team, was unrivalled. It was a pleasure to work with you.

    You will be sorely missed- but your legacy will continue.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, and your family.


  18. To be known as a kind and thoughtful person is a great legacy indeed. Our thoughts are with Oscar’s family and we thank him for his service to the Senedd and to the people of Wales.

    The Institute of Welsh Affairs

  19. Oscar was a trailblazer and history maker in Welsh politics, and an extremely kind and generous man. He will be sorely missed by us all in the Senedd and by the countless people he helped in Newport and across South Wales East. My thoughts and condolences go to his family at this incredibly difficult time, particularly his wife Firdaus and daughter, Natasha, who he doted on. I hope they will be able to take some comfort in the memories they shared together as a family and the great impression Oscar left on so many.

  20. Oscar paved the way for BAME politicians in Wales and the absence of his perpetual enthusiasm will be felt keenly. My heartfelt condolences go to Firdaus and Natasha.

  21. Oscar was a great friend to so many, I never knew him to make an unkind remark about anyone or anything. I so valued his friendship He was my boss and my friend as were his family the shock of his sudden passing is still filtering in I will really miss him

  22. Oscar was a wonderful man with an incredible smile and big heart. He will be terribly missed by all those who knew him. Personally I will miss his laugher and all embracing hugs.
    Sending much love to his family at this difficult time.

  23. Oscar, it really doesn’t feel quite real that I’ll never see you big smile again – or receive one of your kisses on my forehead. Your love, friendship and support has been immeasurable – from making sure Nick arrived on time at our wedding, to welcoming James’ birth like it was one of your own. I’m eternally grateful that you’ve been such a big part of my life, Oscar. You will always be part of my family.

    Rest in peace my dear friend – til we meet for tea again. Jenny

  24. Oscar. Your philosophy was to be of as much help as possible to as many people as possible for as long as possible. You treated your staff like your family.
    It was a pleasure to work for and with you. You are greatly missed.

  25. Oscar, As a man of tolerance, compassion and inclusion, you were an example to people of all faiths and all beliefs. You were also my colleague and friend, and I will miss you greatly.
    My thoughts and those of my wife and family are with Firdaus and Natasha at their time of terrible loss. I know that Oscar’s special spark of life hasn’t gone out, it’s just moved on.
    Mark Isherwood MS/AS

  26. I only really got to know Oscar properly during the last 2 years of his life. His local office was located on Church Road in St.Julians. I live in St.Julians myself and am an active campaigner in the community. Occasionally on a Friday, I would wander into Oscar’s office for a coffee and a chat. His door was always open and he was always welcoming and approachable. He loved a chat. I remember one day, we talked for over an hour about the India & Pakistan Wagah-Attari border ceremony and he proceeded to tell me about it in great detail – it was fascinating to sit there and hear Oscar talk about his experiences in life. He was such a lovely guy. Warm, caring and compassionate are words I would associate with Oscar. I was truly shocked and upset to hear of his passing. He will be sadly missed in Newport. RIP.

    1. I was briefly in the presence of Oscar when I opened a door for him in Ty Hywel. It sounds like he was an amazingly dutiful man and I’m sure he shall be missed by many.

  27. I had never met you but I have the upmost respect. By all reports you were an outstanding representative and have given so much to Wales. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this difficult time.
    Gorffwys mewn heddwch

    1. Muhammad Asghar was a man of conviction and an epitome of bravery who always stood for values of equality and justice. I have always remembered him as a smiley and fun loving person who showed love and affection towards everyone regardless of their background. I am still in shock that he is no more. My condolences to his family and hope his legacy stays strong.
      Thanks Kaleem

  28. Sending my heartfelt condolences to the family of Mohammad Asghar, or Oscar as we affectionately called him. The Senedd will undoubtedly miss your presence. Cwsg mewn hedd, Oscar.
    Bethan Sayed MS/AS Gorllewin De Cymru.

  29. Your joy for life was infectious, your pride in others without fault, your simple truths far better than the nuanced opinions they cut through.

    The glint in your eye and the wink you gave me on delivering Ramsay to the church will stay with me always. I wish you could have stayed with us all longer.

    It is in your absence, and the gap you leave, that so many of us realise how very important you were.

  30. I came to know Oscar when I was the Welsh Conservative Party’s candidate for the 2015 and 2016 elections.

    Oscar was always kind and polite and full of energy. He was also the first ever elected member for the Welsh Assembly (now Welsh Parliament) from a BAME background.

    He was an inspiration for many people in similar background who want to get involved with politics and to make a difference.

    He’ll be greatly missed! May he RIP. ❤️

  31. Cydymdeimlad dwysaf i deulu a ffrindiau ‘Oscar’ Mohammed Asghar. Drist iawn i weld aelod arall o’r Senedd yn marw yn swydd. Roedd yn aelod oedd yn brwdfrydig dros yr economi, sgiliau a swyddi. A dwi’n cofio fe’n hysbysu’r Senedd Ieuenctid ei fod yn cynnal ffair sgiliau a swyddi yn ei rhanbarth. Cwsg mewn hedd. Rest in peace.

  32. Oscar, as he was known to all, was the embodiment of generosity and affection to those of us fortunate enough to have known him. Not only was he a close and valued friend, he was also a highly committed proud citizen of Wales, who chose to work hard for his community as an elected politician in our Welsh parliament.
    I will miss his marvellous good humour and zest for life – we all will.
    My heartfelt condolences to both his lovely wife Firdaus and daughter Natasha.

    Lord Davies of Gower
    Chairman of Welsh Conservative Party

  33. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to work with Oscar for very long, I admired his wise and warm counsel, his friendliness, openness, and his kindness.

    Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  34. Rest in Peace Oscar. A true public servant to the people in South East Wales. Thank you for your service you will never be forgotten.

  35. A devoted father and husband, an all-weather friend, a firm believer in dialogue, equality and peace and a true public servant. Mohammad Asghar was a man of faith and principle, but he was also generous with his time and always understanding. Every unkind action and word, every obstacle really, made him that much more determined to succeed. To me, that is the mark of a true gentleman.

    I will never again hear Oscar say “Come my boy!” as we rush to the next event or door, but his life, his legacy and his wisdom, will stay with me and many other people forever.

  36. Oscar, we first met in 2004 when you became a Councillor and even though we were on opposing sides then, we got on well. Over the years I have witnessed your true dedication to public service. Always enthusiastic and willing to help anyone your warmth and kindness will be sorely missed RIP

  37. Oscar was one of the kindest, most warming people I have met to date. He always strived to show compassion, and this was evident in his work, which he loved so much and was so dedicated to. Oscar served the people of South East Wales with immense pride and integrity, and the community will not be the same without him, both as a representative of, but also as a friend. Thank you for your kindness and opportunity. My thoughts and prayers are with Firdaus and Natasha at this time. Rest in peace, Oscar.

  38. Rest in peace, Oscar.
    I shall miss your conference speeches and your all round good humour.
    A true servant of Newport. You will be missed.

  39. To lose Cymru’s 1st Muslim Councillor and ethnic minority Senedd Member so abruptly is a national loss. May your memories of him fill you with pride knowing he has earned this place of note in our nation’s history.

  40. Oscar – we will miss the joy and passion you brought to the Senedd. I hope your family and friends have found comfort in hearing about the happiness you put into people’s lives. Rest in Peace.

    1. Oskar,
      It was a joy to have met you, your joyful spirit will be missed. You have always known how to turn a bad situation into a good one and have a laugh about it.
      May you rest in peace.

  41. Oscar was such a generous person in deeds and words, he will be very much missed. He loved his family, and my thoughts are very much with Firdaus and Natasha

  42. Oscar,
    Thank you for your friendship. We shared many a heart to heart on faith, family and politics. I will forever cherish the memories of the times we travelled, prayed and laughed with one another. Our thoughts and prayers are with Firdaus and Natasha at this difficult time.

  43. Cswg mewn Hedd. Rest in Peace Oscar. Thank you for all you have done for your electors and for Wales, My thoughts are with your family, friends and colleagues in the Senedd,
    Rwy’n meddwl am dy deulu, ffrindiau a chydweithwyr yn y Senedd ar yr achlysur trist hwn.
    Sian Gwenllian AS Arfon

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